When Should I Get A New Commercial Garage Door?

Commercial garage doors can last for decades, but they do eventually wear out. When you notice a problem with your commercial door it’s time to get a new one before the situation gets worse and becomes more expensive!

There are many signs that indicate when you need to replace your commercial garage door. These include dents in the frame or sagging on one side of the door due to an uneven floor.

If your springs have been replaced recently then it is likely that they will need replacing again soon. This is because most garages require their springs to be replaced every 3-5 years depending on how often they are used and what weight loads pass through them.

You should consider getting a replacement if any of these issues arise with your current door as this could be a sign that there is something wrong internally with the structure of the unit which means parts will continue failing until it needs replacing entirely at a great cost!

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Commercial Garage Door FAQs


How do I know when to get a new commercial garage door?

It is most beneficial for businesses to invest in a new commercial garage door when the doors are not working correctly. This allows you to have nicer-looking doors, even if they were outdated before. Commercial garage doors can be expensive, so it is important for you to know you are getting the best quality for your money.


What different material types of commercial garage doors are there?

There are many different types of commercial garage doors, ranging from wooden options to ones made out of steel or aluminum. Aluminum is lighter and does not dent; it has an average life span of 20 years depending on where you live. Steel doors are stronger, heavier, and can last longer even in harsher weather climates. Wooden garage doors usually have a shorter life span but look more attractive.


What features to look for when getting a new commercial garage door?

It is important to know exactly what features are most important.  A commercial garage door does not just protect your valuable items from theft, but it also allows your customers to have a safe place to park.

We would recommend having keyless entry added, which requires a card or code to open.  This is perfect for commercial businesses that may have customers paying late at night and need quick access to their vehicles.

Keyless entry is useful, but safety should always be your top priority when getting a new commercial garage door. We recommend having safety sensors added to your door.

This allows the garage door to stop immediately, instead of continuing on its track and potentially causing serious damage or injury. It is also important for safety sensors to be installed along the side of the doors, as this feature causes the doors to stop before the edges can come in contact with any cars or people.

Having the right safety features installed will keep your employees and customers safe, while also preventing any damage to their property or yours.


What is a keyless entry system?

A keyless entry system allows customers to enter the building without having to use a traditional lock and key. This can be done by using either their credit card, identification, or a particular code that only the individual knows.

This is perfect for commercial businesses that are open late at night because it allows them to have security without forcing employees to monitor the door constantly.

It takes practice and time to get used to entering this type of system into your garage doors, but it eventually becomes second nature. Make sure to talk to Garage Door Express Austin about how this system could benefit your business.


What are the types of commercial garage doors?

Garage doors come in many different types. If there are any specific requirements you have for your business, Garage Door Express Austin can make sure to meet them with the type of door that is best for your needs.


The following are just a few of the commercial garage doors that we offer:

-Roll up

-Sectional overhead

-Stylish sloped

-Horizontal panel lift

There are many different kinds of doors at Garage Door Express Austin, so it is important to go over your options with a professional before choosing the best one.

If you have an older or non-functional door, they can work together with you to replace it if needed. It is important to go over your options with a professional before getting any work done.


What type of commercial garage door offers the best insulation?

There are many different options when it comes to insulation in your new commercial garage door. If you want added protection not only from theft but also from extreme temperatures, insulated doors are a great option.

An insulated commercial garage door will help control the climate inside your business and only requires slightly more energy than an uninsulated door in order to function properly. This makes it much easier to manage the temperature of your business, which is especially important if you plan on keeping items such as food or medicine inside.

In addition to the insulation, insulated commercial garage doors also come with weather stripping. This reduces outside noise and increases the overall ability of the door to retain heat. There are many different insulating features that a professional will go over with you depending on what you need for your business. It is important that before you purchase a new commercial garage door make sure to speak with a professional who can help you figure out which one will work best for your business.


How much can you expect to pay for a new commercial garage door?

The price of a commercial garage door is going to vary depending on the brand, style, design, and material that is used. It is also going to depend on whether or not you have any of the features we discussed above, such as keyless entry and safety sensors.  A basic commercial garage door can start at a couple of hundred dollars, while a high-end one will cost thousands.

To avoid overpaying for your new commercial garage door, call us at Garage Door Express Austin.  We will help you determine what features your commercial garage door needs and which ones are not worth the extra money.


How do I know which type of commercial garage door is best for my business?

It is very important to go over the different kinds of doors and what they can offer your business. There are many different types of commercial garage doors, so it’s important to talk with a professional who has experience in this field and can explain all of your options.

There are differences between each kind, such as how easy they are to operate or how much noise they will make. Garage Door Express Austin has experience with many different kinds of garage doors, so they can go over the pros and cons of each type to help you decide which one makes the most sense for your business.

There are several kinds of commercial garage doors, so it is important to go over all your options with a professional who can offer you more information about what each door can do for your commercial location.


Is it worth the investment for added insulation?

The answer is, absolutely, yes.  Insulation not only keeps your doors safe but also saves you money on energy costs throughout the year.  It works by keeping the heat in during cold months and during hot months.  The garage door in the building acts as a barrier between the outside and inside, so it is important to have one that can block out all weather conditions when needed.

Insulation comes in many different forms, from foam insulation underneath the doors to insulation within the walls of your building. It is important that you do your research on this specific kind of insulation to ensure that you are getting the right product for your commercial business.

The investment in added insulation is well worth it, especially if you are trying to keep the inside temperature at a particular degree. It will help reduce energy costs throughout the year and can be very beneficial when trying to protect all your products or equipment.


Are automatic garage doors worth the investment?

This type of door is definitely worth the investment, especially if your business closes early or closes late. With an automatic garage door, you don’t have to worry about leaving the building empty during the closing time because it will lock on its own once it shuts completely. Garage Door Express Austin offers commercial clients this type of service, so feel free to ask them more about it.

Automatic garage doors are definitely worth the investment because it eliminates the need for employees to monitor the door constantly.


What kind of warranty is available for new commercial garage doors?

Most residential garage doors come with a one-year warranty. However, if you are looking for commercial garage doors Garage Door Express Austin offers warranties on parts and labor, which will cover any kind of damage that may happen during installation or maintenance. It is important to go over what parts are covered in the warranty before signing over your business.

Garage Door Express Austin offers a one-year warranty on the project, which covers all labor and any parts that may be damaged during work. The warranty can also come with additional coverage such as paint protection or replacement of rotted wood, so it is important to go over all of your options before signing over your business.

There are different prices for each warranty, so it is important to go over the entire quote with a professional before signing off on any work.


What is the standard width of garage doors?

The standard width of garage doors is 7 feet, but they come in many different sizes. In order to get a new commercial garage door for your business, it’s important that you speak with a professional about which size would best fit your needs.

There are larger doors that can be used if you have several cars or trucks that need to park in your garage. There are also several different widths that you can choose from depending on the size of your store or business.

If you go too small with other people’s cars in mind, it will be difficult to get inside the building at times, and if you make it too wide no one else will fit in your parking space. It is important to talk to a professional about the size that would be most beneficial for your business and then go from there.


How quickly will I get my commercial garage door installed?

Most jobs are completed within two days but Garage Door Express Austin can also install your door the same day if that is needed. When you choose to work with Garage Door Express Austin, they will provide you with a free estimate for all work to help you see if that timeframe works for your schedule.

There are different factors that can go into the time which it will take to install your commercial garage door, so it is important to speak with someone who can tell you how long the installation could take before signing over any information or permitting work. It is important to discuss the time frame in which you will receive your commercial garage door installation before signing over any information or permitting work.

Once we have a quote we can guarantee the installation within 48 hours, if not the same day.

No idea about what garage door type you need for your business?

Garage Door Express Austin offers many different types of doors that come in various shapes and sizes, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect door for your business.

We offer high-quality commercial garage doors that are both affordable and extremely secure. These doors are not just commercial garage doors that look nice, but they come with added insulation, which will lower the energy costs of the door itself as well as your entire building or store.

There are lots of different options for commercial garage doors, and before you purchase one it is important to speak with a professional who can help you figure out exactly what door will work best for your business. When comparing the options that are available for businesses, there is no limit on what Garage Door Express Austin can create for your business.


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